April 17th 2024




Release Notes 2024.04.17

  • πŸ¦„ Tickets - Email signatures are now removed from inbound public comments to keep things clean (for MSPs that have opted in)

  • ✨ General - Feedback popup can now be accessed via Alt + U

  • ✨ Tickets - Form responses can now be split into a new ticket

  • ✨ Tickets - An indicator is now shown on comments and form responses that have been split into a new ticket

  • ✨ Settings - Invoice templates can now be deleted

  • ✨ Bundles - Cost is now shown in the list

  • ✨ Products - Cost is now shown in the list

  • ✨ Invoices - Distributed tax amounts are now shown on the invoice and PDF

  • ✨ Contracts - Invoice generation window now shows when paid and blocks regenerating

  • πŸ› Alerts - Fixed an issue where creating a ticket via an alert would fail to attach the asset/uptime

  • πŸ› Invoices - Fixed an issue where products that were part of a bundle would be repeated on the invoice

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