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Ability to Edit/Control Checklists

Currently the Checklist feature (to my knowledge) cannot be modified after it is created. This has resulted in our tenant of Gorelo having multiple checklists that even have the same name; think "onboarding" or "offboarding".This was mostly because we cannot edit a checklist after it is "stored" somewhere on the backend that we (the lowly populous) cannot see.I propose a tab in the settings similar to the Shortcuts, Documents, etc. where it lists out the checklist and gives us (the lowly populous) the ability to modify those checklists.That being said, I am not proposing changing existing checklists that are already attached to a ticket. Anything that is already added to a ticket should stay as a "version" of the checklist attached to that ticket and the new checklist should have a latest version that can be added to new tickets.

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